Join or renew your membership in the Eastern Mediterranean Poison Centers Network

The Eastern Mediterranean Poison Centers Network is dedicated to join efforts for advancing the health care role and public health prevention of poisoning in the member states through exchange and dissemination of information, advocacy, education, and research. Members of the network will be able to participate in all the activities of the network, have own space for managing information of your poison center, access to a regional forum for exchange of information with other centers in the region, publish annual reports and other information products, and share your data with the other members in order to work on EM poison centers’ data standardization and harmonization.

In order to join the network, your agency should meet the following simple criteria: Not for profit organization; and Mandated to provide: information and advice on the management of poisoning, and/or provide clinical toxicology management services, and/or provide toxicology laboratory services

If you are interested in joining this network please fill in this form and return it back to:………………………. You will be notified by email once your application for membership has been accepted.

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