Prevention Tips

All Eastern Mediterranean Poison Centers are available to provide you with an updated, simple, and easy-to-apply prevention tips

Eastern Mediterranean Poison Centers receive millions of calls every year, most calls are about the clinical management of poisoned patients who are exposed, via inhalation, ingestion, or through skin contact, to dangerous or potentially dangerous substances. The other type of calls is asking about certain drug or poison information.

We can help you and your loved ones to prevent poisonings by providing you with some tips related to different scenarios that may occur.

Tips for kids and parents
Be prepared for any poison emergency: Save the Nearest Poison Center number on your mobile phone and display it somewhere visible in your home in case of any poisoning emergency, or if you have questions. Please note that the calls are free of charge, confidential, and answered by poison specialist...
Tips for elderly and adults
Most elderly aged 65 years and above regularly take at least three to five different medications, almost prescribed medicines, over-the-counter medicines, or dietary supplements. Thus, the risk of drug-drug or drug-food interactions, or misuse of these medicines is increased. These scenarios can cause serious or fatal poisonings. Therefore, we provide...